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Kind Words

  • My first Access Foundation class was facilitated by Aditi Iyer. And I am so grateful for that. It was life transforming. I still remember the aha moments, conversations, the giggles, the laughter as well as the uncomfortable moments and of course, the beyonds.
    It is very important who facilitates your first foundation. Aditi has the right mix of irreverent bulldozer energy, a firm affirming trust in her awareness and as a facilitator is quick in choosing what to deliver and how to facilitate it. And most times it is bang on.
    I went on to participate in several other telecalls created by her as also several month long energy pull classes ... 5 if I am not mistaken and many tearful emotion-filled personal sessions before I could trust myself to engage with other access facilitators. Thank you Aditi ... You rock my dear friend. I am so grateful for you!


  • Aditi has a capacity for helping you clear through the lies and limitations which hold you back from having ease in areas of your life. She is also incredibly empowering, kind and potent in her facilitation.


  • I met Aditi Iyer for the first time when she came to Hyd to facilitate the Talk to the Entities - Beginners class. The one thing that made me feel an instant connect with Aditi was that she helped me see my ability of clairvoyance as a gift and not as a weirdness that I was hiding..after the class, we got to spend some time together and that's when we shared our experiences and talked so much! Aditi Iyer and I may not be in touch regularly, but I know, she is just a message away and I know she knows the same of me! Love our madness together


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